Living up to our Name: A Pact for Progress

Around the office, we like to say: “We stick to our values, so you can live by yours.”  All over our business we are looking for ways to have a lighter footprint, improve the lives of others, and create products you can be proud to wear.  While there is always more to be done, here is what we’ve proudly doing right now:

  • Give-Back-Box Recycling Program: When you buy new, there is still life in your old clothing so we launched a program called “Give Back Box”.  You can take your Pact box and fill it with gently used clothes (not just ours), print a free shipping label, and it will be sent to inspiring nonprofits in need.  We like to think of it as: filling needs vs. filling landfills.

  • Making Change with Change: During the Pact checkout process, you are able to donate a dollar to the Chetna Organic Cotton Cooperative.  Chetna represents more than 25,000 family farmers  in India, many of whom derive their entire livelihoods from as little as a single acre of land.  Chetna’s mission is to help these small, rural households to advance their living standards by promoting organic agriculture. Every quarter, your generosity goes to support specific initiatives that Chetna is passionate about that will advance the lives of organic farmers. Past support has gone towards building a road into a youth training center and outfitting homes with smokeless stoves.

  • 100% Organic Cotton: The cotton we use in all of our products is GOTS-Certified 100% organic cotton.  Organic cotton is produced from non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Our participation in buying only organic cotton supports the farmers worldwide who are trying to change the agriculture industry and the planet to be one that is more sustainable and health-focused.

  • Fair-Trade Certified Factories: We partner with Fair-Trade Certified factories to make our garments.  Fair Trade is an agency that oversees factories globally to ensure that the people who make your product are treated fairly and with dignity. This includes things like workplace safety, wages, sexual harassment, and more. We believe that the people who make the clothes are as important as the people who wear them.

  • Green Technology: It takes a lot of computers and data to run an e-commerce business.  Servers and computing equipment are notorious for requiring a lot of energy. We use Amazon Web Services and picked their Oregon location because 85 percent of power generated to run this facility is powered by renewables or hydroelectric power.

  • Responsible Banking: We bank with New Resource Bank, a bank with a mission to promote the well-being of people and the planet (yes, a bank).  Their core lending markets are clean energy, organic and natural products, green real estate, sustainable business and nonprofits. As of the end of 2017, their current loan portfolio is 93 percent invested in values-driven organizations and projects.  We are even going green with our green.

We are always open to more ideas and opportunities. Tell us what you think we should work on. 

kamie kennedy