Sweet Dreams for All, In Partnership with SleepyHead Beds


We are excited to partner with Sleepy Head Beds to bring organic bedding to kids and families in need. If you aren’t in love with your Pact sheets for any reason, we want to get them in the hands of someone in need of a healthy, soft place to rest their heads. Our goal: Sweet dreams for all.

Introducing SleepyHeadBeds.org…

Sleepy Head Beds is a non-profit 501(c)(3) established in 2010 by Monica Starr who saw first-hand the significant need for beds for the Kansas City metro area children while working with foster youth families as a guardian ad litem. With two part-time employees, a truck and some warehouse space, Sleepyhead Beds was born.

Their Mission: Sleepyhead Beds improves the quality of life for children and their families by providing clean, reusable beds and bedding. And they contribute to the health and environment of communities by sanitizing beds and keeping them out of landfills. They are addressing social issues with additional environmental benefits, proving the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

It is estimated that children & families have spent 2,482,000 nights on the 16,000+ mattresses Sleepyhead Beds has distributed free of charge. That’s a lot of Zzzzzz.

Impact on the Environment:
Since its inception in 2010, Sleepyhead Beds has re-purposed almost 900,000 pounds of beds. That’s almost 400,000 cubic feet of mattresses that we’ve kept out of landfills – enough to completely fill 5 Goodyear Blimps, 11 Olympic swimming pools, and over 5 times as heavy as the Space Shuttle!

To learn more about the organization visit their site at www.sleepyheadbeds.org

kamie kennedy