Calculating Your (Water) Savings

It takes 65 pounds of raw cotton to make a single pair of underwear and cotton is one of the thirstiest crops on the planet. To add to the water demand, when synthetic fertilizers are used to grow cotton, it requires additional water to dilute the potency of the fertilizers -- making growing non-organic cotton even more water intensive.  Switching to organic cotton underwear alone can save 10-15 gallons of water per pair.  Changing out an entire wardrobe can save 1000s of gallons per person.


Sheets = 540 Gallons

A single set of Pact’s 100% Organic Cotton Sheets saves 540gal of water. Rest easy knowing that the 50% of your life spent in bed is helping to conserve our most important natural resource, now that’s time well spent. And in case you needed another reason to try the most comfortable sheets on the planet, we donate all returns to charity.


A Hoodie = 125 Gallons

The perfect hoodie for those awkward months where it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket, but not quite t-shirt weather yet. New to Pact this year, our Featherweight Hoodie saves a whopping 124.7 gallons. One for everyone in your house: men’s, women’s and kid’s could total up to 500 gallons saved.


Kid’s Sweatshirt = 67 Gallons

Even the kiddos can get involved, with 66.5gal saved with a single hoodie! What’s more, Pact’s Hand-Me-Down Hoodie is designed to last so long, we’ve included space on the name tag for the next happy owner. Check out the brand new kids collection here and get Free Shipping over $50.


Men’s Sweatpants = 82 Gallons

You know those “comfy pants” that you live in? They take a lot of water and energy to make. Switching to Pact’s organic sweatpants save 82.7 gallons of water. Growing cotton on the planet where it is meant to be grown reduces the need for extra irrigation and fertilizers that require additional water. Wring you your sweatpants.


Wring out your wardrobe and try organic.