5 Ways Organic Cotton Can Protect Your Lady Parts

Ladies, let’s get real. We all know how important it is to keep your lady business (aka vagina) in good health, and the first line of defense is your undies. “Cotton is queen” for undies and many women are choosing to upgrade to organic cotton to protect their nethers. Even Whole Foods is in on the organic cotton trend, selling Pact brand undies in their stores. Here’s why people are flinging their synthetic g-strings into the trash:


1. Cotton Breathes

Let your hoo-ha get some fresh air by choosing cotton underwear versus synthetic alternatives like nylon and lycra. Cotton wicks heat and moisture away from your privates and discourages the growth of yeast and other unwelcome bacteria. That means less chance of a yeast infection, imbalanced flora or an unhealthy pH level, plus better odor control. Uhhh, yes please.


2. Softness Counts

Cotton isn’t just healthier for your vag, it also feels better than synthetics, which can cause itch and irritation. Ouch! The skin down there is super delicate and sensitive, so brands like Pact hand-select organic cotton suppliers who create fabrics with the softest possible touch. Rougher fibers can rub you the wrong way, leave a rash, and even transmit bacteria.


3. Period Protection

The dreaded period accident. Can anything suck more? Lucky for cotton panty wearers, cotton is more absorbent than synthetics and can keep less of the mess from reaching your clothes. It’s also easier to wash and less expensive than many fake fibers, which can be pricey to replace.

4. Cotton Is Naturally Hypoallergenic

An allergic reaction is the last thing you want in or from your underpants, so cotton is a better bet than more irritating fabrics. But buyer beware: some cotton undies use synthetic dyes or “dirty” conventional cotton that’s been treated with chemicals. When you choose a brand that uses only 100% organic cotton like Pact, you can be confident that no chemicals, dyes and nasty pesticides will be going “downtown.”


5. Organic Cotton is Affordable

Organic cotton is a clean and eco-conscious material, and believe it or not, opting for organic shouldn’t cost as much as most clothing companies make you believe. By using organic cotton grown in a place ripe for cotton production, companies like Pact reduces the cost of making them (and harm to the planet) and passes on the savings versus marking them up just because they are organic.


Try Organic Without Going Broke.