Meet Bria Neff

Bria Neff is a 12-year-old painter and animal enthusiast determined to make a global impact with her artwork. Combining her two passions — animals and art — Bria paints beautiful canvases of endangered species, from furry to fierce, and sells them online to raise money for the cause.

Over the past 4 years, Bria has painted over 300 pieces and raised $65,000 for different conservation organizations, and when we heard about her cause, we couldn’t help but get involved. Pact will now be offering toddler and kid’s graphic tee shirts featuring Bria’s artwork on it. The proceeds of the sale of these t-shirts will go back to Bria, which she will then donate to a cause of her choice in raising awareness for endangered species.

To learn more about Bria and to see her other works of art visit: www.pigtailsart.com


BRIA’s artwork we are featuring…