Looking for a Deal? Three Ways to Get Special Savings at Pact

We believe in making organic affordable.  As a result, we price our products well everyday and don't make you hunt around the internet to find coupons and deals.  However, there are 3 ways that you can get a little extra:

  1. First Time Buyers - 20% Off
    • We want everyone to try Pact; therefore, we offer 20% off to new customers. Never purchased before?  Grab a first-purchase coupon here.
  2. Refer-a-Friend - Give $20, get 20%
    • If you love us, we hope you'll tell a friend.  Get $20 off when your friend uses a 20% coupon you send them.   Send a deal to a friend here
  3. Exclusive E-mail Only Deals
    • Brands always say that they give you exclusive deals if you join their email list but we REALLY do.  This is our way of rewarding our best customers, not just new customers.   Sign up here
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