5 Ways to Eco Gift Wrap

The holidays are coming, and with it colorful paper, bows, ribbon, tape and tags…

Here are five non-Grinchy ideas to wrap creatively and without the waste.


Pact Envelope

Our craft paper shipping envelopes make a great eco-friendly choice. Here’s how:
1. Pull apart the envelope so it lays flat, removing each fold and tab from each other
2. Cut the envelope to fit your package (must be a smaller package or tape multiple envelopes together to fit).
3. Wrap your gift, securing with tape (we used double-sided to hide it) and tie with a bow.


Got Magazines?

Tear out pages of your fave glossy and tape pages together to make your wrapping paper


Classic Craft with tasteful details

Find a pinecone, some twine and wrap with classic brown paper from your local craft store. The eco-savings come from paper you paint yourself, like this simple evergreen pattern. Don’t have paint or a brush? Try using a permanent marker instead.


Paint it Yourself

Plain paper makes for a perfect canvas

Keep it simple

Just tie on a ribbon to the Pact Shipping mailer and you’ve got an eco-wrapped gift.