Drop Your (Old) Drawers

The best way to be comfortable IN your underwear is to be comfortable with what’s IN your underwear. Pact apparel, an eco-conscious apparel brand, is changing people’s mind about changing their underwear.  Why have 150,000 dropped their old drawers for this organic alternative?

  1. Organic Cotton is Bunny Soft:   Organic cotton is all natural -- grown without chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and toxic dyes.  The result: natural softness like mother nature intended.

  2. Cotton Breathes:  Your undercarriage is a hot bed for moisture and heat.  The two necessary ingredients for bacteria growth.  (Ewww, but true.) Cotton allows heat to escape better than synthetics, keeping it cool downstairs.

  3. Organic IS Affordable: Despite the sticker shock in some grocery stores, organic products can be affordable. The key is to grow crops where it is optimal for them to be grown. Without the need for excess fertilizing and irrigation, there is also not a need for a mark up.   Organic cotton undies at Pact are only $7 with their free-trial offer.

  4. Organic Can be Cute:   Getting rid of those pinky synthetics and going organic doesn’t mean you are doomed to grandma panties.  Organic cotton makes for equally cute hipsters, lace-waist briefs, and fun thongs.  No burlap or hemp here.

  5. Respect for Workers: All Pact underwear is made in a Fair-Trade Certified Factory. This certification ensures that the people who make your underwear are treated with dignity and have safe working condition.  It also results in additional wages for workers to use to better their situations and their communities.

  6. Water Savings: Cotton is a thirsty crop and even more so when non-organic fertilizers are added that need to be heavily diluted.  Changing your briefs to organic cotton can save 12 gallons of water.

  7. Little Change, Big Impact:  Pact’s affordable organic cotton has made it easy for people to make little changes, like their underwear, that are better for their health, the planet, and it’s people.  Because individually we make choices but collectively we make change. 


Join the 150,000 people who wear Pact undies and go organic without going broke. 

kamie kennedy