Making a Fashion Statement: #WhoMadeMyClothes?

We obviously love clothes and fashion but we don’t believe this obsession should come at the cost of our planet or its' people.   From the cotton farms to the textile factories that we work with, we are passionate about supporting the people behind our products and providing the transparency to you the consumer so you can feel good about what you wear. Here's our story.

The Story of Your Clothes: In 30 seconds…

Starting at the Farm...

We use organic cotton in all the apparel and bedding that we make.  Why? It’s just better. For you, for the planet, for the farmers.

Cotton is thought to be one of the dirtiest crops and the majority of apparel is made of cotton. The result: the textile industry is thought to be the 2nd most toxic and polluting industry, just behind oil.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown without synthetic fertilizers or other gross chemicals you don’t want against your family’s skin. This protects you, the farmers who harvest the crop, and the water supply of the communities. We believe you have to start at the beginning, when the first seed is planted, to make a great product.

At the Factories...

While it’s in our DNA as a company to treat the world’s people well, we also partner with Fair Trade USA to certify our factories. Rightfully so, Fair Trade standards are high when it comes to protecting the industry’s people. Well beyond the obvious, "no child labor" and "minimum wage compliance," our factories are audited to ensure safe working conditions, proper pay & benefits, maximum working hours, overtime compensation, and incentives.  

We also pay a “fair trade premium”. It’s simple: For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, Pact pays an additional amount of money into a Community Development Fund, which goes directly back to the community where the cotton was grown. From there, the community decides together how to spend the funds to improve their lives and meet their unique social, economic, and environmental needs. Read more about Fair Trade and what specific projects our premiums have funded.


And Beyond…

We also look for ways to be more green inside of our business as well. Some fun facts about Pact, the company that you maybe don’t see: We run our website off of servers in an amazon facility in Oregon that is powered by solar.; We keep our money with a bank that only lends to socially-conscious businesses; We give our employees a monthly health stipend to get out and breath in some fresh air. We aren’t perfect always but we’ll never stop trying to be. Read more about what we are up to here.


A Bird's Eye View: Pics From Our Last Trip to Our Farms

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